Kevin Aylward is Hot

Or so they say.

Can you believe that this guy has been labeled the blogger “Babe of the Week”?

Well, the Heritage Foundation’s Insider says so, and Mary Katharine Ham seems a solid source on such matters.

Actually, totally unknown to those in attendance, Professor Chaos was at this event — cleverly disguised at mild mannered college professor Leopold Stotch — and I found the discussion informative and provocative.

So kudos to Kevin, and perhaps in the future one of OTB‘s contributors will given such honors.

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Leopold Stotch
About Leopold Stotch
“Dr. Leopold Stotch” was the pseudonym of political science professor then at a major research university inside the beltway. He has a PhD in International Relations. He contributed 165 pieces to OTB between November 2004 and February 2006.


  1. Ok, if:

    (1) Politics is like showbusiness for ugly people; and
    (2) Showbusiness is like politics for stupid people;

    What is blogging?

  2. Kathy K says:

    Blogging is for those too good-looking for politics and too smart for showbusiness. 😛

  3. carpeicthus says:

    It’s okay, man. You’re totally Conservative Man-Babe of the Day. Ok, I’ve never seen you and I’m a straight man, but I can safely asusme you beat those guys.