Kinsley Update

Newsweek has a lengthy chat with Michael Kinsley about his impending takeover of the LA Times editorial page. A couple of interesting exchanges:

Slate has been more successful than most online journalistic ventures. Would you attribute that as much to Microsoft̢۪s deep pockets as to the site̢۪s content?
Certainly Microsoft has been great. They never interfered and have paid the bills. My mental comparison is always with Salon and if we had pissed away money the way they did, Microsoft would have shut us down.


You’ve written a lot on stem cell research—even put aside a book on the topic to take this job. How much of that has to do with having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s?
Oh, 100 percent. I supposed I̢۪d be mildly interested anyway because it̢۪s a very interesting political story. But the reason I wanted to write the book and the reason I̢۪m engaged in the subject is purely selfish.

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