Klansman Votes Against Colored Woman

I know I̢۪m preaching to the choir here, but shouldn̢۪t some attention be given to the fact that Democrat Senator and KKK member Robert Byrd voted against Condoleeza Rice̢۪s confirmation as Secretary of State?

Perhaps not, but let me pose this: hypothetically, imagine that there was a Republican Senator named David Duke who voted against the confirmation of Joycelyn Elders as Surgeon General; how much attention would the mainstream media give to his vote? And how much would they project his decision onto the values and beliefs of the Republican party in general?

[*NOTE*: the title of this post is meant to highlight the fact that racial insensitivity is a crime if committed by one side, but completely excused on the other. Sorry if it’s too over the top for anyone]

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  1. Jim Henley says:

    Question: Did Byrd ever renounce and apologize for his Klan membership or not?

  2. Kent says:

    Well, of course Republicans are held to higher standard. After all, more Republicans than Democrats voted for the Civil Rights Act. So minorities have naturally come to expect more from them than from Democrats.

    … Does that look on your face mean that you don’t believe this is the right explanation?

  3. Question: Does Byrd casually toss around the n-word like he’s Snoop Dogg or not?

    Plus, how many Republicans would be forgiven for a past Klan affiliation if they claimed it was some sort of “youthful indiscretion”? Virtually any credible observer would just say it was “for show” — so why does Byrd get the benefit of the doubt? He’s now voted against both of the blacks ever nominated for the Supreme Court and 50% of the blacks ever nominated to be Secretary of State; a Republican with that record would (rightly, I might add) be considered suspect on racial issues.

  4. Jim Henley says:

    Gosh what a lot of ressentiment backed up with no real evidence that Byrd still harbors the views and subscribes to the program of the KKK. The amusing thing is how much FUN it is for loyalist Republicans to work themselves into a lather over Byrd’s past. AND how quick you guys are to play the same race card you decry when race pimps like Sharpton play it.

  5. JW says:


    Maybe you should ask Charles Pickering, who put the Klan on trial in Mississippi back in the bad old days during the 60’s and 70’s, how he feels about being lectured to on insensitivity to minorities by the likes of Byrd.

    Or maybe you should trying BEING from Mississippi and constantly reminded of the Kluckers who held high office here–ALL of whom were Democrats–and not get offended that Byrd is getting a free pass on this.

  6. Jim: That’s right, I’m a loyalist Republican. Must be why I voted for Kerry.

  7. NeoDude says:

    I thought all the racist Dixiecrats ended up being Republicans because of the party’s multi-cultural stances.