They say you can’t find good help these days:

On February 10 Marion County deputies were called to William Frank Reese’s home for a domestic disturbance. When they got there they found Mr. Reese bleeding from the leg and Tommie Lorene Burnette bleeding from the face and ears.

Sheriff Bo Burnette, no relation to the woman involved with this case, said she was a girlfriend, but Mr. Reese told NewsChannel 9 she was a “live-in housekeeper.”

The Sheriff said the couple got into a scuffle and the woman first bit Mr. Reese on the leg, then proceeded to bite his penis and scrotum. Ms. Burnette chewed off a large chunk of skin from Mr. Reese’s scrotum, then ran out to the front porch where she spit the skin to the dogs in the front yard, and one of them ate it according to Sheriff Burnette.

I hate it when that happens.

And variations on the name Lorene always seem to be involved in such cases. There has to be a lesson in there somewhere. . .

(Hat tip: Dustbury)

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