Lance Armstrong: I’m Screwed

@lancearmstrong tweets, “I’m screwed.”



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  1. Jerry says:

    Had one of those myself, few fewer pins, but same idea.

    was able to use arm relatively quickly after surgery which was a good thing!!

    fun began when several of the pins pulled loose from the bone and the plate was able to lift up and down from the bone.

    felt each and every scrap

    Not a good thing 🙂

  2. C Stanley says:

    Cute, but not as funny as ‘uniballer’.

  3. markm says:

    CRIPES….looks like it was done at the local garage…..

  4. BJKC says:

    Broke my right collarbone in 7 places while cycle racing in 2005. I could have pinned it as did Lance or let it heal into a big knot. I did the latter. It was 12 weeks before I could put pressure on the shoulder without feeling the bones move. My orthopedic surgeon told me the danger is only 50% pinned collarbones heal without infection. Baring infection, it will heal much faster if pinned. Lance chose the risky option to get back in time for the Giro (to prepare for the Tour). Wish him good luck, he may need it.

  5. Drew says:

    That looks like my cervical spine.

    You guys haven't lived until you've seen X-Rays of yourself with plates'n'-screws and such. Go on now. Blow somethin' out. Y'all got hips, and backs and shoulders. Git on now…..

    Support the titanium industry. Consider it "economic stimulus!"