Latenight OTB – r.e.m.

From my favourite band:

And just look at all that hair! On Dave, I mean. But, yeah, Michael, too.

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Dodd Harris
About Dodd Harris
Dodd, who used to run a blog named ipse dixit, is an attorney, a veteran of the United States Navy, and a fairly good poker player. He contributed over 650 pieces to OTB between May 2007 and September 2013. Follow him on Twitter @Amuk3.


  1. jeff b says:

    Nice paleo-r.e.m. there! Stipe looks almost exactly like the Brian Krakow character from that 90s TV show My So-Called Life.

  2. michele says:

    My all time favorite REM song. Why don’t I remember that hair? He looks like Napoleon Dynamite.

  3. anjin-san says:

    Great stuff, though I would go for “Life’s Rich Pageant” if pressed to pick the best REM album…