Latino Candidates Surge Atop the Supreme Court List

According to TradeSports, Emilio Garza is the current frontrunner to replace Sandra Day O’Connor. He’s followed by Alberto Gonzales. While bettors have a variety of different reasons for putting their money on certain picks, they momentarily favor the Latino candidates. Perhaps they figure that, with a contentious political battle looming, George W. Bush will want to fill the void left by the first female Supreme Court Justice with an equally historic nominee.

Certainly, it’s worth noting that Garza and Gonzalez have different ideological leanings and constitutional philosophies. The former has, according to the Washington Post, “a reliably conservative judicial record that includes criticism of the Roe V. Wade abortion decision of 1973.” The latter has drawn the ire of conservative groups, in no small part because, as Slate reports, “he’s viewed as moderate on abortion.” Bettors, it seems, are not splitting their money between identical candidates. Rather, they’re likely placing emphasis on the one common historical dimension of the potential nominations.

(Thanks to Glenn Reynolds for the pointer.)


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