Letter from John Edwards

Received via e-mail:

Dear Friend,

What a remarkable day today is going to be. You and I are going to have the great pleasure of watching John Kerry stand before America and lay out his plans for leading our country in a new, more promising direction.

I’ve heard John Kerry speak. “Pleasure” is not a word I would associate with it.

And then, we’re going to have the awesome responsibility of carrying his vision of a stronger America to the White House.

As long as you stop at the door.

Last night in my speech at the convention, I tried to make it clear how much is at stake in this election. I talked about the values you and I share, the principles we cherish, and the belief we have that our optimism and energy can not only carry us to victory in November, but — far more importantly — carry America forward over the next four years.

At the heart of our campaign, there are literally millions of people who are pouring their hearts and souls into winning this election. If ever there were a day for you to give voice to the depth of this support for John Kerry, this is it.

Your speech was, frankly, absurd. Read this post for more details.

This is John Kerry’s big day. But it’s your big day too. I urge you to use it to make a strong personal statement of your support for John Kerry. Attend a house party tonight. Ask your friends to sign up on JohnKerry.com. Commit to registering a friend to vote. Make a contribution. How you participate is up to you. But whatever you do, don’t sit on the sidelines.

I’ve actually got other plans tonight but will watch the speech at some point if not live. My friends are smart enough to register to vote on their own; indeed, that’s one of the tests I employ. And, I agree, sitting on the sidelines is not the thing to do.

There are only 14 weeks until November 2 — the day America chooses between Kerry-Edwards and Bush-Cheney. We’ve got to make every one of those days count. But most important right now, we’ve got to make this day count. Today is the day that John Kerry sets forth his vision for America’s future — and the day we need you and others like you all across America to help spread that vision.

Believe me, I’m trying.

That’s the path to victory in November and to a stronger America. Let’s start our journey together right now.


John Edwards

Sure thing.

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