Libby Trial: The Reporters

The combination of inclement weather and lack of sexy witnesses–or, indeed, any witnesses–has the media room at less than capacity today. NBC and its cable affiliates seem to have the largest mainstream media contingent, and Court TV has at least two representatives.

What’s interesting is that, nearly three hours after the judge declared recess, several are still conferring with one another to ensure accuracy on minute details (the official juror number, the best guestimate as to their age, and so forth). I didn’t bother to write much of that down because it seems so uninteresting. Indeed, I’ve moved on to blogging other things and checking to see who the candidates are to replace Bill Parcells as head coach of the Cowboys.

Reporting is a tedious process, since it often involves sitting around a long time in hopes of getting a few crumbs of news. Since I’m an analyst, and only incidentally a reporter, I’m focused on bigger picture things. And, since my “beat” is whatever I want it to be, I can reassign myself to other stories when there’s nothing newsworthy to report.

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