Lindsay Lohan in Playboy

Lohan tells ‘Playboy’ no thanks

Anyone who was hoping to see ‘Mean Girls,’ star Lindsay Lohan bare it all on the pages of of Playboy shouldn’t hold their breath according to True, the 18-year-old, white hot celeb freely admits she was contacted by the magazine, she says it was never to do one of the skin mag’s famous nude spreads.

Lohan says, “I’m not doing Playboy, no. Never. They contacted my publicist and they asked if I would do their 20 questions spread, which is not a nude photo that they do with it. It’s a regular photo. But I do have a Disney movie coming out and a young fan base and I’m not interested in doing Playboy right now in my life. So we said no and then now they’ve put it in Star magazine that I turned down Playboy (and) that I approached them and asked them if I could do a nude spread or something, which is not true. Now when people ask, that’s the most ridiculous rumor – that I asked if I could do Playboy.”

Sorry, guys.

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