London Terror Raids Nab 14 Suspects

Fourteen Muslim men have been arrested in a massive anti-terrorist sweep in London.

Armed police have arrested 14 men following anti-terror raids in London, including 12 arrests at a restaurant in the Borough area. Two people were held elsewhere in the city in what police said was an intelligence-led operation. Police said the arrests were not connected to the alleged transatlantic jet bomb plot or the 7 July attacks.

An Islamic school near Tunbridge Wells has also been searched as part of the same operation. The Jameah Islameah property, on Catt’s Hill near Crowborough, East Sussex, is an Islamic teaching facility for boys aged between 11 and 16. According to its website the 54-acre premises also encourages Islamic groups to “appoint a person from your centre who wishes to serve the community and send them to us to be trained”. It also says these individuals will then become “qualified enough to teach in local Masajeds and Madares”.

Given the number of false arrests made in recent months, this could certainly be much ado about nothing. Still, there is no doubt that there are major domestic terror cells operating in London and that they are centered around Islamist institutions.

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James Joyner
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  2. Is this all just a ruse by Blair?

    Are the speeches by BushCo these past two weeks hinting at upcoming events?

    Are they actually much smarter than we really think?

    Is this all just a part of their strategery?

    Posted by the Lemming Herder at Don’t Be A Lemming!

  3. British Police Bust 14 More Terror Suspects…

    **UPDATE**Since posting early this a.m. as I read through World Breaking News the number of suspects have changed from 14 to 16 now. Reuters is reporting: UK police arrest 16 in anti-terrorism raids
    This is a new batch of terror suspects not connect…..

  4. New Terror Arrests In UK…

    British law enforcement arrested 14 people in overnight raids. 12 of the 14 were arrested at a restaurant in the Bourough section. The authorities say that these arrests are unrelated to the air-terror plot disrupted last month….

  5. Old War Dogs says:

    Brits arrest 14 jihadis in new terror plot (Updated)…

    UK police: 14 held in terror swoop LONDON, England (CNN) — Fourteen men were arrested Friday and Saturday in anti-terrorism raids in south and east London during a pre -planned intelligence-led operation, a statement from Scotland Yard said. Officers …

  6. Adam says:

    They are using torture to obtain information on who to arrest. Think about this. Ethics aside, pump someone full of enough electricity and they will name any name you want out of them. They may even name their mother.

    Frankly, all these raids are just a ruse. Information derived from torture is not information at all. They must know this, so they are using these raids just to create fear and keep power.

  7. Adam,

    Do you have some proof that these 14 names came from torture?

  8. Stevely says:

    The rice krispies told him.

  9. I always thought snap was a snitch.