Maine Gives Biden 3, Trump 1

Biden inches closer to 270.

That Joe Biden would win statewide in Maine was never in doubt but President Trump did carry one Congressional district.

AP (“Trump wins Maine district, adds electoral vote“):

President Donald Trump has won one of Maine’s four electoral votes, just as he did in 2016.

Trump carried the state’s 2nd Congressional District, the more rural and conservative of Maine’s congressional districts.

While Democrat Joe Biden easily carried the state itself, Maine is one of only two states that divides its electoral votes.

Biden won the 1st Congressional District and the statewide tally, good for three electoral votes. Trump’s victory in the 2nd Congressional District means he wins one electoral vote.

Considering that Trump’s best case scenario was to hold on to enough of his 2016 Electors to win, this was his best-case outcome in Maine. But Biden is creeping ever-closer to 270 and Trump’s path tightens.

Biden is now at 248. Add Nevada’s 6 and any one of Michigan (exceedingly likely), Pennsylvania (quite likely), and Georgia (slightly more likely than not) puts him over the top.

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James Joyner
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  1. OzarkHillbilly says:

    They’re still counting votes! Who ever heard of such a fraudulent thing!

  2. Daryl and his brother Darryl says:

    Impeached and limited to a single term. Repudiated.

  3. Michael Reynolds says:

    Biden winning is likely and an obviously good thing.

    Mitch McConnell holding the Senate means at least two years of utter paralysis. No action on climate change. No action on reforming government corruption. No action on economic inequality. No tax increase, so the deficit will continue to balloon. There may be no stimulus package though it’s more likely that a small one passes. Federal action on Covid will likely be anemic.

    On the Left the illusion embodied in the term ‘people of color’ is exposed as bullshit. Black and Brown are not on the same team. BLM will be crippled in the face of Black male abandonment. The courts will support police uncritically.

    We may lose Obamacare with no prospect of a replacement, so tens of millions will lose health insurance. State abortion restrictions will mean women in half the country will be unable to terminate pregnancies. Trans rights and perhaps even gay rights will be rolled back.

    The American voter has failed.

    Likely victory, but a pyrrhic one.

  4. a country lawyer says:

    CNN just called Michigan for Biden.

  5. a country lawyer says:

    @Michael Reynolds: True, but it’s not too soon to be thinking about the Senate in 2022. Nearly all of the D seats look secure but two R seats are up for grabs in States Biden will likely win. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania have said they will not be running.


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