Matthew Yglesias Takes the Boeing*

Or perhaps its an Airbus, since it’s not a big corporation. At any rate, Matthew Yglesias is no longer going to be blogging at his eponymous URL but rather joining the Josh Marshall Collective.

I’m not a fan of Scoop or reader diaries but, as Matt points out, “If you’re a fan of this site and want things to stay the same, you’ll just be able to click the URL, read posts, and the only thing different about it will be the design of the page.” That works for me.

Matt’s is one of a handful of sites on the left side of the blogosphere I find worth reading on a regular basis, as he isn’t just spewing venom to the converted but actually trying to make a reasoned argument. If you’re not reading him now, you should be. If you are, update your bookmarks and/or blogrolls accordingly as of Monday.


Update (June 10): Turns out Matt’s URL is actually

James Joyner
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  1. Aakash says:

    Some time after I first started my weblog a few years ago, I started reading – and linking to – some of the major liberal blogs. His was one of them; conservative blogger Adrienne Truett had it on her blogroll – saying that though he was a liberal, he had some good stuff on there (not her exact words, but something to that effect). I regret that I haven’t had more time to spend in the Blogosphere during this past year, as I’ve had in the past; I hadn’t been back to Matthew’s (won’t even try to spell his surname) weblog in a long time, and now, it’s going to be gone… I guess that’s what happens in life sometimes.

    [Tries to hold back tear…]