Maybe she Should get a Job with the TSA…

Via Reuters:  Fake doctor jailed for giving breast exams in bars.

And this is, quite frankly, hilarious:

Police say Ross introduced herself to victims — one at a downtown Boise bar and the other at a nightclub in a Boise suburb — as a plastic surgeon named Berlyn Aussieahshowna, a name that turned out to be bogus.

Gee, you don’t say?

Important safety tip to all the readers out there:  a nightclub is never an appropriate place for a “medical” exam.

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  1. Herb says:

    “a nightclub is never an appropriate place for a “medical” exam.”

    Now ya tell me…

  2. Steven W. says:

    When I first saw that article earlier today I thought, “now there’s something you don’t read everyday” ROFLMAO 😉

  3. JKB says:

    Wait a minute, wasn’t Obamacare suppose to make medical care more available and cheaper. What’s more available than out at the club? What saves money more than doing away with all the trappings such as an office and cold exam table. And, of course, what better place to lay out the plan for someone to take a knife to your breasts than the dark corners of a night club.

    Are these women now listed in some database? It seems the TSA could have a field day with them. “Ma’am, the rules require I rub for 5 minutes to see if anything is triggered.”