McCain 510 Electoral Votes, Obama 28

Electoral College Map November 2006

Electoral College Map November 2006

In the most lopsided election since George Washington’s retirement, John McCain carried every state save Barack Obama’s home state of Illinois and birthplace of Hawaii and the Why Bother Having Elections, We Know How it’s Going to Come Out District of Columbia, giving him a whopping 510 Electoral College votes to Obama’s mere 28.

That, at least, was the result of a massive SurveyUSA sample in November 2006.  And that was as the Democrats were sweeping to resounding victories in the midterm elections.

Of course, the fact that few people outside Illinois had any idea who Obama was might have had something to do with his poor showing.

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  1. sam says:

    a victim of our server issues

    I hear ya, brother.

  2. Floyd says:

    That map would be accurate{except for Hawaii} if every citizen in the whole country, except those in the “smoke and mirror filled rooms” of Chicago, voted Republican!