McCain’s CPAC Reconquista

CPAC 2008 Logo Omni Shoreham Washington DC Mark Steyn reports that the only McCain supporters he spotted at CPAC were illegal aliens disguised as college kids:

I arrived at CPAC just before Mitt began to speak and was struck by the number of young student-ish types milling about in McCain T-shirts. While my minder went off to check her coat, I was loafing around the lobby, heard a conversation in Spanish, and noticed it was three of the McCain T-shirted students. Which struck me as odd: you don’t hear a lot of Spanish at CPAC.

That’s about to change, of course, with McCain in charge. It’ll be all Spanish next year, I’m sure.

I’m apparently less observant then Steyn, though, having encountered mostly Anglo types among the throngs yesterday. Come to think of it, though, Matt Sanchez was sitting there right next to me on Bloggers’ Row. Then again, he spoke English the whole time and wasn’t in a McCain t-shirt.

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  1. teqjack says:

    McCain repesents Arizona – a border state with a large spanish-speaking populace.

    Why is it suspect that supporters only wanted to hear their candidate, not others? Maybe not ideal, but quite natural.

    OTOH, isn’t this McC`s first appearace at this venue?

  2. James Joyner says:

    OTOH, isn’t this McC`s first appearace at this venue?

    Well, Ronald Reagan introduced him here in 1974. Not sure about his attendance in the intervening years.

  3. davod says:

    Ted Kennedy probably loaned them to Senator McCain’s campaign. They were probably on loan from a union picket, where they were employed as temps at less than the minimum wage.