Meg Whitman Uses Bill Clinton In Attack Ad Against Jerry Brown

When you’re a politician like Jerry Brown, who’s been a part of California politics since the 1970s, there’s bound to be plenty of video footage out there that can be used against you, and Meg Whitman’s campaign has resurrected one from 1992’s Democratic Presidential primary campaign for it’s first negative ad:

Expect to see more of this from a campaign that has a virtually unlimited warchest.

Oddly, the first thing I noticed about this clip was that I’d forgotten how gray Clinton’s hair had gotten even before he ever took office.

H/T: Dave Weigel

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  1. J.W. Hamner says:

    Intriguing.  I thought this was going be some sort of guilt by association thing with Clinton (which would have been very dumb) but it’s actually footage of Clinton blasting Brown. Subversive!