Michael Moore Issues Fatwa Warning To Democrats

Advocate the immediate end of the war in Iraq or the netroots coming after you too:


Let the resounding defeat of Senator Joe Lieberman send a cold shiver down the spine of every Democrat who supported the invasion of Iraq and who continues to support, in any way, this senseless, immoral, unwinnable war. Make no mistake about it: We, the majority of Americans, want this war ended — and we will actively work to defeat each and every one of you who does not support an immediate end to this war.

Nearly every Democrat set to run for president in 2008 is responsible for this war. They voted for it or they supported it. That single, stupid decision has cost us 2,592 American lives and tens of thousands of Iraqi lives. Lieberman and Company made a colossal mistake — and we are going to make sure they pay for that mistake. Payback time started last night.

I realize that there are those like Kerry and Edwards who have now changed their position and are strongly anti-war. Perhaps that switch will be enough for some to support them. For others, like me — while I’m glad they’ve seen the light — their massive error in judgment is, sadly, proof that they are not fit for the job. They sided with Bush, and for that, they may never enter the promised land.

To Hillary, our first best hope for a woman to become president, I cannot for the life of me figure out why you continue to support Bush and his war. I’m sure someone has advised you that a woman can’t be elected unless she proves she can kick ass just as crazy as any man. I’m here to tell you that you will never make it through the Democratic primaries unless you start now by strongly opposing the war. It is your only hope. You and Joe have been Bush’s biggest Democratic supporters of the war. Last night’s voter revolt took place just a few miles from your home in Chappaqua. Did you hear the noise? Can you read the writing on the wall?

To every Democratic Senator and Congressman who continues to back Bush’s War, allow me to inform you that your days in elective office are now numbered. Myself and tens of millions of citizens are going to work hard to actively remove you from any position of power.

If you don’t believe us, give Joe a call.


Michael Moore

Just one of many examples this morning of the newly Lamboldened left-wingers.

(hat tip: Ian)

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin sees a pattern going on today.

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  1. more than a bunch of Kool Aid drinking moonbats that have more desire to defeat George W Bush than they do to defeat the terrorist that want to kill us. Don’t believe me? Check out what the king of the moonbats has to say in this post over at Outside the Beltway, via Hot Air.

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  3. So a 4 point victory which needed about 5,000 democratic primary voters to have changed their mind and it would have gone the other way, in a state that is the 6th most liberal with a 12.8% lower vote total for Bush than the national average in 2004 is what should make all democrats who don’t think the world would be a better place if the US was seen to ‘run away’ before the job is done. Perhaps democrats are easily stampeded, but I think that Moore et al should perhaps wait until November to see if Lieberman actually loses the general election.

    Perhaps, just perhaps, a close split of the party (with a candidate who was polling a double digit lead just a couple weeks ago) is not the end of all moderation in the democratic party. But did you notice the continued call for even more purity. It’s not enough that Kerry and Edwards are now against the war, they are not pure enough for the likes of Moore. But Hillary should stop her support (in any way), so maybe there will be a place in the Kos/Moore democratic party for those who recant.

  4. Old War Dogs says:

    Screw Lieberman?…

    .. As I said yesterday, the pack has no official viewpoint on this. I personally, however, will use my posting privileges to campaign against Ned Lamont. I’ll admit to considering Joe Lieberman the lesser of two evils, but that he definitely is. …

  5. LJD says:

    Kerry-Edwards’ switch on the war disqualifies them for service, but Hellary’s switch is o.k.?

    Moore is such an idiot. I wish he’d just pound another cheeseburger and shut the hell up.

  6. Bithead says:

    4 points a ‘resounding victory?

    And let’s consider that the very isuses Lamont is claiming was his victory, was als the song McKinney’s been screaming for the last several years.

  7. Patrick McGuire says:

    If Lieberman wins as an independent, and I believe he will, it will be the beginning of the end for the Democrat Party. The Democrats keep moving farther to the left and as they do so they remove themselves from the political mainstream of this country. They are about to become as relevant as the Green Party.

  8. Meet Joe Lieberman’s Worst Nightmare…

    Liberal bloggers jumped on Ned Lamont’s bandwagon before he even owned one. Now the anti-war crusade…

  9. Len says:


    4 points a ‘resounding victory?

    According to George W. Bush, two (2) points is a resounding victory.

  10. lily says:

    I doubt if Lieberman will actually run. If he does, it will be as a de facto Republican and the voters of Connecticut will recognize him as such.

    Moore is an independent but if he wants to give advice to Dems he is free to do so, of course. His advice would carry more weight if he wasn’t just giving the conventional unwisdoms in an approving way.

    Liebrman didn’t lose because he supported the war. He lost because he lied repeatedly (ever thing is just fine in Iraq, according to Joe) about the progress of the war, slandered fellow Democrats who criticized the mismanagement of the war, and supported right wing extremist positions on torture, Presidential power and privacy issues. For chrissake even Republicans know the war isn’t going well and know it’s the Bush administration’s fault!

    The real message is not that Dems must push for a withdrawal–my Senator, Maria Cantwell is opposed to withdrawal and will almost certainly win her seat this fall–the message is, as Rahm Emmanuel said,: Democratic voters want Democratic representatives who will fight Republican extremism on all fronts, not suck up to them. It’s the Revenge of the Irate Moderates (NYT).

  11. vnjagvet says:

    What I can’t figure out is why Michael has turned to Karl Rove to ghost his communications to the Democrats.

  12. LJD says:

    Lily, you live in Washington. In your surroundings, being an ‘irate moderate’ is probably a lot further left than you think it is.

  13. Bithead says:

    I think he was talking about the districts carried, Len.

    In Lamont’s case, that was exactly one.

  14. Iowa Voice says:

    The Coming Fallout For The Democratic Party…

    As promised late last night, here’s my take on what I believe is going to happen as a result of the Kos-backed Democratic revolt. And some of this, we’re already seeing.

    Late last night, in the immediate wake of their first-ever victory, Kos star…

  15. walter66 says:

    Bithead sez……”And let’s consider that the very isuses Lamont is claiming was his victory, was als the song McKinney’s been screaming for the last several years.”

    you also need to remember they have different types of primarys

    let me ask you this and I asked this same question on another thread……if you were a republican and you have absolutely no intention on voting for a democratic candidate…..do you think it would be honest on your part to vote in the democratic primary for someone you had no intention of voting for in November?

  16. anjin-san says:

    Yea, its kind of like when Bush’s in in 2000 was a “mandate”. A win is a win. The spin just depends on which side of the fence you sit.

  17. anjin-san says:


    “out of the political mainstream”? You mean out of the mainstream like the President. who net positives in 3 states?

  18. LJD says:

    do you think it would be honest on your part to vote in the democratic primary for someone you had no intention of voting for in November?

    As opposed to Democrats that get felons and illegals to vote, but discount that of our service members overseas? That kind of honesty?

  19. walter66 says:

    LJD……a yes or no would have been sufficient…..so what’s it gonna be….yes or no?

    would you crossover party lines and vote for someone in the primary that you would absolutely NOT vote for in November

  20. anjin-san,

    Can you conceive of the idea that some who might not like Bush (aka net negative number) might be to the right of you? That for example dissatisfaction with the war on Iraq is not because the troops aren’t coming home fast enough, but that more troops should be sent. Or that the troops should be going on to Iran or Syria. Or the dissatisfaction comes fro Bush’s position on issues like immigration enforcement, Dubai port deal, not pursuing charges against the NYT for transmitting secrets to the enemy in time of war.

    Are there people in CT who are very mad at Lieberman? yes. Same for Bush in the US. But the question is going to come down to who they vote for.

    The exit polls show Lieberman likely to get 12% of the vote from democrats (that is about 4% of total voters who voted Lieberman in the primary but will leave him to vote for the democratic candidate in the general election). This means about 40% of democrats will stay with Lieberman in the general election. Other polls show the republican getting about half the republican vote (assuming no democrat or independent vote for the republican). Put those together (and assume the other half of republicans go for Joe, not Ned) and assume that independents will go for Joe at least 48%.

    You get Joe at 46%, Ned at 44% and Schlesinger at 10%. Now if you look at the arc for Lamont (double digit lead going down to 4% at the primary election), Joe may end up doing better among democrats and independents. And republicans, seeing their vote tipping the scales for Lamont ala Perot tipping the scales for Clinton, may deliver fewer votes for Schlesinger and more for Joe.

    The poll just before the election had Lamont with a 6% lead and the three way at 51% Lieberman, 27% Lamont, 9% Schlesinger and the rest undecided. So my calculations may be pessimistic for Lieberman.

    But this is important, so pour in all the money and volunteer hours you can to Lamont. That is certainly the most important race in 2006.

  21. erg says:

    Now if you look at the arc for Lamont (double digit lead going down to 4% at the primary election), Joe may end up doing better among democrats and independents.

    My statistics professor always used to warn me about people lying with statistics. In this case, the problem is starting with the “double digit lead” for Lamont. Perhaps we could start with the 40% or so down he was a few months back and trace from there ? That would be the longer term arc, not one or two recent polls which showed him up around 10%. Primary polling is hard anyway and margins of error (not just the statistical MoE) are high.

    The other thing to remember is that JL had the support of the Dem machine, and that helped his GOTV greatly. Notice he did well in urban areas with strong Dem machines. But the machine will switch to Lamont now.

    Finally, its risible to link Moore with the bloggers. He’s largely a total independent.

  22. walter66 says:

    my statistics professor told us there were lies, outright lies and then there were statistics

  23. walter66 says:

    LJD…..you have an answer for me yet?

  24. Bithead says:

    you also need to remember they have different types of primarys

    Aye, that they are, wherein lies part of my point.
    The Kossacks are trying to turn last nights CT vote into a reflection of a huge mandate… but the fact is all they;ve shown us is that there’s a small fraction of vocal Democrats who are tossing the moderates out. But when the general electorate gets into the act a different tale gets told.

  25. LJD says:

    Um, I’m an Independent there, moonbat. I get to vote in any primary I choose. Nice try though.

    Of course, I wouldn’t do myself the embarrassment of being seen at a poll during a Democratic primary.

  26. walter66 says:

    52% of Democrats who voted in the primary is a small fraction?

    ….I learn something new everyday

  27. walter66 says:

    “Of course, I wouldn’t do myself the embarrassment of being seen at a poll during a Democratic primary.”


  28. walter66 says:

    in Ohio, our primarys are held at the same time……..how does your state do it?

  29. walter66 says:

    LJD sez…..”Um, I’m an Independent there, moonbat. I get to vote in any primary I choose. Nice try though.”

    you mean to tell me that you could vote in both of them if you wanted to?

  30. Bithead says:

    52% of Democrats who voted in the primary is a small fraction?

    Of the general eletorate? You betcha. Math class is now open:

    Assuming that the split between Republicans and Democrats is exactly 50/50, (close as no matter, these days) ..we can then assume that 50% of the Democrats constitutes 25% of the general electorate.

    By no means is this enough to win an election.

  31. Clint says:

    While I agree with Moore’s overall message, I think it shows some hypocrisy that he’s so willing to denounce Kerry and Edwards now. During the last election, he didn’t have any reservations about supporting them even though they are “not fit for the job.” It’s not like there wasn’t a choice — Nader was (and always has been) opposed to the war.

  32. walter66 says:

    so Lieberman’s percentage is even less….but we were talking about how GA. primary is open and CT is not.

    I have asked a very simple question and have yet to recieve a straight forward answer……during a primary election, like we had yesterday in GA.,would you crossover party lines and vote for a candidate that in no way, shape, or form you would ever vote for in the general election, to basically screw the other candidate out of being selected to be their party’s candidate?

    I am looking for yes or no

  33. Herb says:

    I don’t put a lot of stock in Lamont’s narrow victory,

    But, what more would one expect from a bunch of Northeastern Democrats. They are still reeling from the losses of Gore and Kerry.

  34. Anderson says:

    Does anyone take Michael Moore seriously, besides Republicans and Michael Moore?

    Just asking.

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