Michigan GOP Congressional Nominee Is A Birther

More birther problems for the GOP:

The GOP nominee challenging freshman Rep. Gary Peters in Michigan would like to see President Obama’s birth certificate.

National Democrats are circulating a video of Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski, a former state representative and entertainment executive, telling a gathering in Novi, Mich., “You have a president that seems to be, um … well … I don’t know if he even has been born in the United States, but … until I see a birth certificate.”

Raczkowski stood by his comments in an interview with POLITICO Thursday. “I stand by the comment. … I believe this: He is our president of the United States, he is the president of the United States, and I guess my question is … I would love to see his birth certificate,” he said.

And he had words for the Democrats circulating the video: “They don’t need an HD recorder — they can call me. I’m very open, they can call me; we can have an open discussion, perhaps even a debate.”

Raczkowski won Tuesday’s Republican primary in Michigan’s 9th District and will face Peters in the November general election. Raczkowski beat businessman Paul Welday, the preferred candidate of the state’s GOP establishment.

Michigan’s 9th District is listed as “Leans Democrat” by CQ Politics for 2010. One thinks it will be leaning a little further left after this video circulates.

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  1. legion says:

    What’s most telling about this guy is not that he’s a birther, but that he couches it in such a mealy-mouthed fashion – ‘he’s the President, but I’d love to see his birth certificate’. He clearly doesn’t want to alienate the loonies & idiots that could keep him from winning a primary, but he also doesn’t have the balls to come out & say it, thus scaring the less-crazy regular voters he needs to win the actual election. Are even birthers so thick-headed they can’t see how transparently cowardly jokers like this are?

  2. Zelsdorf Ragshaft III says:

    So, Doug, you are saying anyone who would like to see an unseen document is a birther.  Well I have some property forsale in the Arctic, directly under the North Pole.  I thing it would be a good investment for you.  Obama has lied his ass off and you believe him on this issue.  He has spent a lot of money to keep us from seeing his school records, his birth certificate, not the certificate of live birth, but the one with a doctors name on it.  Funny, every other President’s records are a matter of public record.  Not this one.  We have no idea what he studied in school, what his grades were or what he registered as.  I suspect he registered as a foreign student and needs to keep that secret.  Just like a liberal usingderision to fend off attempts to find the truth.  You want to blame the birthers for wanting to know the truth.  You have accepted things as facts not in evidence, Doug.  That fact alone should insure you never sit on a bench.

  3. legion says:

    Well ZR, you’ve proven yourself to be an idiot and a tool; I guess if the ‘birther’ shoe fits, go ahead and buy yourself a few pairs…