Steven Taylor points out that Dennis Miller’s new show debuts on CNBC at 9 Eastern tonight. It’s worth giving a looksee, although I wonder if he can sustain his schtick on a daily program. Indeed, even the quotes in the announcement are recycled material from weeks ago.

I do predict that it will outlast John McEnroe’s show, which also debuts tonight following Miller. [Misread the article: It starts this spring in the timeslot after Miller’s.]

James Joyner
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  1. Steven says:

    Yep–like a candidate’s stump speech, Miller has been giving the same lines for quite a while now in promoting the thing.

    And I concur in re: McEnroe v. Miller.

  2. mg says:

    McEnroe’s show doesn’t start until the Spring.

    I sure hope Miller is entertaining enough this first week, and doesn’t float off onto tangents like he’s Aldous Huxley floating on a barge in the Ukraine doing shots of Galliano with Yves St. Laurent and the midget from “Twin Peaks.”

    (If he hasn’t said that yet, I’m sure he will one of these days.)