Inoperable Terran is outraged by this story:

Guns should be banned from University of Minnesota campuses and events such as Gopher football games at the Metrodome, a committee of the Board of Regents decided Thursday.

Though the policy flies in the face of the state’s new conceal-carry law, the six regents discussed the ban for only a short time before unanimously approving it. The rule, which will take effect immediately if passed today by the full board, prohibits anyone — including people with a gun permit — from bringing a weapon to campus or to a university-sponsored event.

Zeitgeist responds, “The U of MN has basically announced that they are not bound by state laws”

Interesting, although not particularly unusual. Even in Alabama, where concealed carry has been permissible forever, schools and universities routinely ban weapons. My guess is there are all sorts of places in MN where it’s illegal to carry an otherwise legal firearm: courthouses, airports, etc.

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