Via PoliBlog:

A friend and fellow celebrity of Arnold Schwarzenegger said on Wednesday he wants to join the actor-turned-politician at future gubernatorial conventions by getting elected chief executive of South Dakota.

Pat O’Brien, a graduate of the University of South Dakota who also studied international economics at Johns Hopkins University, said he is seriously considering challenging incumbent Republican Mike Rounds in the 2006 election.


O’Brien, a Democrat, said his desire to run for office predates his broadcasting career.

“I grew up studying politics, I worked for the Kennedys, I worked for George McGovern,” he said. In fact, he said, he has been pushed toward public service since his days at the University of South Dakota.

“I had a professor there named Bill Farber who has always pushed Tom Brokaw and me — we were both his students — into some kind of public service,” O’Brien said.

Interesting. Clearly, Brokaw has done a little better. My first response to seeing this headline was, Who? I know who he is, but he’s not exactly Bob Costas.

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