Misspelling ‘School’ is Embarrassing

Southern Guilford High School in North Carolina briefly had a SHCOOL zone, thanks to a contractor's gaffe.

From YahooNews‘ Brett Michael Dykes (“Cringe-inducing typo outside N.C. school“):

AP Photo/News & Record, Joseph Rodriguez

A road contractor hired to paint the word “school” on a freshly paved stretch of road near Southern Guilford High School in North Carolina rendered the traffic area in question a “shcool” zone.


This isn’t the first such mishap on record. Last year, for instance, a Miami-area road crew offered the variant spelling of “scohol,” while in 2007, a team in Kalamazoo, Mich., managed the same “h” and “c” reversal.

I’m reminded of the incident a couple years back when DC’s Major League Baseball franchise took the field wearing jerseys emblazoned with “NATINALS.”  That’s probably worse, in that it’s a big league outfit and there should have been a dozen levels of quality control, whereas these involve fellows who paint lettering on streets.

Still, embarrassing.

UPDATE:  Here’s a photo of the infamous “NATINALS” jersey.  Alas, no, it wasn’t a simple alignment issue wherein the button flap covered the O.

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  1. MarkedMan says:

    Geez.  Is that really true about the “Natinals”?  Wow.  Looks like it is.
    But in all fairness, the missing O on those two players jerseys may be under the fly overlap.  Amazingly boneheaded, but not unbelievably boneheaded. Say, a 5.2 on the boneheaded scale.