Mixtapes Explained To Modern Kids

Something that was such a common practice when I was a kid is now a cultural artifact:

And, oh yea, those kids can get off my lawn.

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  1. Nick says:

    It’s not hard to explain at all…

    Mix Tape = Sharing Your Pandora Station

  2. Neil Hudelson says:

    You know I made mix cd’s as a teen, and my nephew is hard at work creating a playlist for his “girlfriend” (they are 9).

    The more times change…

  3. Tyrell says:

    My first “mix tapes” were done on a Wollensak 3M reel to reel tape recorder with a microphone sitting next to a radio. The stations then were AM. I loved reel to reel machines. I also had a Kodak movie projector. Movie projectors were even more fun to play with. Anyone else have those? The schools had tons of the projectors; they got rid of them years ago along with some great films. Which they initially paid a good sum for.

  4. You know, it really sucks when you get to that age (in my case, 25) and you start to feel old because of these damn kids today.

    (Like Neil, my experience was with mix CD’s.)

  5. JWH says:

    “Junior, they were dumb when I was your age, and they’re still dumb today.”

  6. Matt says:

    @Timothy Watson: I’m 33 and I’ll tell you it’s kind of an odd age to be. I’m old enough to remember stuff from the 80s but young enough to still be somewhat hip..

    In my relatively short time on this planet I’ve watched an almost magical transformation happen in technology.

  7. Tyrell says:

    I am surprised to find out that they are still making VCR’s. Those are a whole other story.
    I also see that most movie theaters have switched from film to digital.