Monday Puppy Blogging

Saturday, Kim and I picked up our new puppy from the breeder Saturday morning. Her name is Molly and she’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

We already had three animals, my two cats (Scamp, age 7, and Henry, age 5-1/2) and her dog (Miniver, a lab-cocker mix, age 8), but this is our first pet as a couple.

Here she is with me:

Photo: Molly 1st weekend

Here’s a close-up:

Photo: Molly 1st weekend

Here she is with Kim’s sneakers:

Photo: Molly 1st weekend

Scamp (the black one) and Henry are taking a cautious approach:

Photo: Scamp and Henry sitting in cat tree

Here’s a video of Molly carrying on while in her exercise pen, currently set up in the den. She makes a similar commotion when placed in her Pet Taxi (on loan from one of the cats) when we’re trying to sleep.

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  1. Olrnf says:

    Her name is Molly

    I love it–named after Molly Ivins! Molly Ivins certainly is a total dog!

  2. Olrnf says:

    I just watched the video—she sounds like Molly Ivins also! Brilliant! Now if we could only keep Molly Ivins in a similar cage, gitmo-style, we’d be all set!

  3. Janis Gore says:

    She’s a great-looking little pup. Good luck and good health to you all.

  4. Jay says:

    I could just die of the cuteness! If Valerie is half as cute as Molly after she gets evicted at the hospital in the morning, we’ll be doing well.

    I can just imagine Sadie’s reaction if we brought home a non-stuffed dog like that. She adores dogs to an almost inexplicable degree.

  5. G A PHILLIPS says:

    Now all you need is a goldfish named Ken.

  6. Digger says:

    What a cute little pup. I love baby animals, they’re so energetic and excited all the time.

    Unlike baby humans which just cry and sleep a lot (though they too are cute).

  7. Lunacy says:

    I have a chocolate lab named Mollie.

    We couldn’t bring ourselves to spell it like the Ivins woman.

    You puppy is adorable. I hope the cats are accepting.


  8. yetanotherjohn says:

    And you bought this canine whiner because…

    BTW, puppy on hardwood floors? I am going to have to question you judgement.

  9. James Joyner says:

    Actually, hardwood floors are infinitely easier to clean than carpets.

  10. Petra Henell says:

    You made me want to go to Fredricksburg and get my own CKC-spaniel. My parents have one, same coloring as Molly, but Marco lives with them in Sweden. Molly is adorable and you’ll find that she’s gonna grow into the most wonderful personality… in addition to her current cuteness (I know after having experienced four CKCs: Peter, Mozart, Mimmi and Marco).

  11. Harrison says:

    They bought that “canine whiner,” yetanotherjohn, because 1) they have taste and 2) those fe-lyings need to be kept in their place–which they obviously are.

    Hardwood floors are much easier to clean.

    I would recommend gettin’ her used to bein’ in that kennel, though. Try givin’ Molly her favorite treats inside without closin’ the door. If ya’ do that off and on durin’ the day and evenin’–and repeat with the pen–she’ll (eventually) figure out it’s not so bad.

    Good luck, guys.