Monty Python’s Fellowship of the Ring

Monty Python’s Fellowship of the Ring.

Frodo: Don’t disturb this foul pool!
Boromir: Sorry, I thought I saw something moving out there…
Pippin: I’ve got it! Why don’t we say the word “friend” in every language we can think of!
Gandalf: Oh, fool of a Took! Don’t be ridiculous!
Legolas: What a loon!
Gimli: Silly hobbit, it wouldn’t be THAT simple!
Pippin: I guess it does sound rather moronic…
Gandalf: I know! Why don’t we use the Holy Hand Grenade of Elendil!
Frodo: The what?
Gandalf: The Holy Hand Grenade of Elendil. ‘Tis one of the several dozen relics of Isildur that Aragorn lugs around with him.
Boromir: Yes. Of course.
Gandalf: (shouting) Aragorn, get out the Holy Hand Grenade!
Frodo: How does it, um– how does it work?
Gandalf: Well, I don’t know.
Aragorn: Hold on, I think I’ve got an instruction manual in here somewhere… Right! The Noldor Book of Armaments!


Hat tip: John Hudock

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