More Evidence the GOP Selectorate is in an Odd Mood

Via the WSJ‘s Washington Wire:  Weird Smoking Ad Boosts Cain’s Cash Haul

Mr. Cain’s camp, as of the latest tally Friday morning, says the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO has pulled in nearly $5 million in donations – earlier reported as $3 million — since the start of October, with the cash surging even faster since his aides earlier this week posted a quirky web video ad that featured his campaign manager, Mark Block, puffing on a cigarette.

I guess sometimes all that matters is getting attention.

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  1. Ryan Spires says:

    “I’m not in government, so i would ask someone how to make a government commercial.”

  2. DMan says:

    Any thoughts on this ad?

    I haven’t seen any attention given to it in the media, but it’s got to be equally as strange, and even perhaps slightly more offensive to some. My only thoughts after watching it were whether it was a real ad or not. I’m still not sure, it’s just too f***in bizarre. It would probably give him a good bump in the polls if it were more widely covered, though.