Ralph Peters is outraged by Europe’s lack of outrage:

I do not underestimate the crimes of the apartheid regime. Yet, despicable though that government was, it didn’t use nerve gas on thousands of men, women and children, torture children in front of their parents, rape wives in front of their husbands, exterminate entire families and clans on a whim, or slaughter minority populations.

Those Euro-trash tourists were right to mourn what had been done. But why on earth didn’t they care about the present sufferings of their fellow human beings?

The sorry truth is that Europeans love to cry over corpses, but won’t lift a finger to prevent the killing in the first place. They shake their heads over the Holocaust, though their parents were happy enough to pack the local Jews off to Auschwitz.

But, in their defense, at least they don’t put ketchup on everything. (via RCP)

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