Alex Knapp complains that today’s kids listen to music and watch movies that are “too soft” compared to what we enjoyed back in the 1980s:

It’s a frightening world that kids are growing up in these days. Even their heroes are getting soft. Take XXX for example. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy that movie a lot, but I was dumbfounded when Vin Diesel, a man who looks like he can impregnate a woman by looking at her funny, sauntered up to the bar and ordered a… cranberry club soda. What? A club soda? I mean, I can understand that a different kind of secret agent might not drink a vodka martini, but for god’s sake man, order something with alcohol in it! But it’s a pervasive thing… what can I say? Young folks in America are becoming, well, goody two-shoes. Even their “hardcore” rapper, Eminem is really, when you get right down to it, just a whiner who swears a lot. I mean, he talks a big game, but seriously, he’d lose a fight to Florence Henderson. I mean, NWA–that was hardcore. They not only talked the talk, but you were pretty sure that they walked the walk, too. Same goes for heavy metal. Ozzy Osbourne biting the head off a bat was hardcore. Marilyn Manson getting fake breasts? Not so much. It’s depressing, really. What’s wrong with kids today?

Next thing you know, they’ll grow up to get jobs and pay taxes. We’re all doomed.

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James Joyner
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