Drudge reports:

‘Fox & Friends’ On Cable Pulls More Viewers Than CBS’s ‘The Early Show’ On Broadcast… FOX NEWS CHANNEL’s ‘Fox & Friends’ beat CBS’s The Early Show for the entire week of 3/31-4/4, research shows — F&F averaged 2.905 million to CBS 2.796 million total viewers, marking the first time FOX NEWS cable ever topped a broadcast net in lucrative morning daypart… Developing…

Man, what does that say about the CBS morning show? ‘Fox and Friends’ is almost certainly the most inane assemblage of talking heads ever assembled in one studio–and that’s saying something.

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James Joyner
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  1. Emily says:

    Except for Steve Doocy (sp?)…
    that guy cracks me up!

  2. John Lemon says:

    I agree that F&F is basically unbearable to watch. MSNBC is actually my morning choice. And F&F has become more surrealistic as it is filled with lots of chuckleheadedness mixed with some pretty hardcore flamethrowing (witness the Janeane Garofalo-pogous argument a few weeks back). It’s almost as if they’ve staffed the Today Show with manic depressives.

  3. Will Miho says:

    That’s what I said, what does that say about “The Early Show”… There has been a shift in the way people watch news. One can get information closer to real time on cable, and there has been a perceived arrogance from the network “elite media” that has also turned a lot of viewers off.

    Also I think a lot of people expect American News Companies to support American values and not sell out to dictators for the sake of access or keeping a bureau open in Bagdad like CNN actually did in Iraq.

    Ok, I’m Bill the audio guy, I work on Fox & Friends at FNC so I have a POV on the matter. I doubt we can maintain those ratings after the War but it’s been nice to have a moment in the sun during an important time in World history, and to have been the first Cable news program EVER to beat a major network’s News Programming head to head.