Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson To Retire

Politico is reporting that long-time Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson, a Democrat who many considered vulnerable in 2012, will retire rather than seek re-election:

Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska will announce today that he is retiring after two terms, a serious blow to Democratic efforts to hold onto their majority in the chamber next November.

Nelson is scheduled to hold a press conference back home in Nebraska as early as today to make his decision official, said several Democratic insiders close to the leadership.

The 70-year-old Nelson was considered one of the most endangered Democratic incumbents this cycle. GOP-affiliated outside groups have already dumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into TV ads bashing Nelson, while the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spent over $1 million on their own ad blitz to bolster his image.

This race was rated a Toss-up by Charlie Cook, Stuart Rothenberg, and Larry Sabato, but Nelson declining to run is likely to push it into Lean Republican status at least initially given GOP successes there in 2010.

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  1. Liberty60 says:

    There is holding the Senate, then there is holding the Senate-
    Ben Nelson was always a quasi-Republican “with friends like this who needs enemies” Democrat.

    Politically, I would rather attack a Republican Senator than be forced to bite my tongue and defend another Nelson.

  2. PD Shaw says:

    Unless more details emerge, it doesn’t appear that Nelson gave his party enough of a chance to find and prepare a different candidate.

  3. NBC is reporting that former Senator Bob Kerrey is reportedly considering running for Nelson’s seat. If that happens, this could be a tougher fight than the GOP anticipates

  4. Commonist says:

    Pro-zygote stick in the mud, liable to Reach Across the Aisle (TM) in order to try to sabotage the New Deal. Therefore, undesirable and a bad person.

  5. bandit says:

    The 70-year-old Nelson

    time to go.