New Arrest in Ricin Letters Case

Ok, so first it was an Elvis impersonator, and now it is a D-List actress who has appeared on the Walking Dead who appears to have been trying to set her husband up.  This has been one weird story.

Update:  I am mixing up ricin letter stories (I had missed the Obama/Bloomberg letters, which are the ones for which the actress was arrested and am confusing them with the ones from April, which included the Elvis impersonator storyline and currently involve a martial arts instructor).

Steven L. Taylor
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  1. To be fair, it doesn’t appear that the Ricin letters from April are linked in any way to the ones sent to Bloomberg and Obama.

  2. @Doug Mataconis: I think I am getting my ricin letters mixed up at this point.

  3. gVOR08 says:

    What, but, but, wait Taylor. You can’t give us half a story. What happened to the karate school guy that was supposedly framing the Elvis impersonator? Or is he the husband?

  4. @gVOR08: I think that is another guy entirely.

  5. You can’t tell your ricin letter conspiracy stories apart without a scorecard!