Several people whose individual blogs are already on my blogroll–Kieran Healy, Henry Farrell, and Daniel Davies–along with several others have started a new group blog called Crooked Timber as of Tuesday. As they explained in their initial post:

The bringing of a new blog before the public is a practice now so common as scarce to need an apology. Nevertheless, such lists, assemblages, diaries, complaints, lamentations, polemics and records of triumph and disaster are now so common and so diverse that new entrants into the field must perforce struggle to be noticed. Notwithstanding such difficulties, we believe that our new enterprise Рcombining as it does the skills, talents and intelligences of personages of experience and distinction Рwill assuredly meet with the approval of readers of judgment and taste. Crooked Timber is a cabal of philosophers, politicians manque, would-be journalists, sociologues, financial gurus, dilletantes and flaneurs who have assembled to bring you the benefit of their practical and theoretical wisdom on matters historical, literary, political, philosophical, economic, sociological, cultural, sporting, artistic, cinematic, musical, operatic, comedic, tragic, poetic, televisual &c &c, all from perspectives somewhere between Guy Debord, Henry George and Dr Stephen Maturin. We hope you̢۪ll enjoy the show.

Give ’em a looksee.

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