New Book Reveals Romney . . . A Mormon

Last week, I wrote about some weird emails I received inviting me to attend an event at the National Press Club unveiling a new book that would Swift Boat a major candidate. As promised, I skipped it but kept alert for the details.

Mary Ann Akers, who writes “The Sleuth” blog for WaPo, attended, along with “about a dozen reporters and four photographers who clearly had nothing better to do.”

A lapsed Mormon, Michael Moody mocked his former religion (in very nasty terms) and declared Romney unfit for the presidency because of what he sees as the Mormon former Massachusetts governor’s biggest conflict: his “blood oath” to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

And then came the “C” word: “The great American cult,” Moody said, characterizing the religion founded by Joseph Smith, a prophet to Mormons.


Instead, Moody spoke in more dumbed-down terms of how Mormons are beholden to living prophets, such as Gordon Hinckley, who can tip them off to the Second Coming. “The Mormon prophet — he is the man,” Moody said, adding that “they” — the Mormons — are “waiting for Hinckley to tell ’em: ‘Let’s go to Missouri and knock it off with an Osmond concert and build the new Jerusalem.”

I also got a fourth breathless update from Daryl Toor, the press agent for Revelation Press. The intro:

In 2004, John Kerry faced opposition from an unexpected quarter – his fellow Swift Boat veterans from Vietnam. In 2008, it’s Mitt Romney’s turn to be “Swift-Boated” – but this time, instead of unsubstantiated innuendo, Romney is “Swift Boated” with a comprehensively-researched, solidly fact-based book – Mitt, Set Our People Free! Like Toto in Oz, this book tears away the curtain and reveals the truth behind the Mormon Church and its beliefs about the U.S. Presidency – and what that will mean to “President” Mitt Romney.

This exciting new book – Mitt, Set Our People Free! – published by Revelation Press, reveals just how Mitt Romney’s sacred oath to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, known as the Mormons or the LDS – including a vow of obedience to the “Living Prophet,” the President of the LDS Church – will impact his ability to govern as President of the United States.

Jesus said that man cannot serve two masters – but if Romney is elected President, he will have to serve two conflicting oaths. American Presidents swear an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. However, this Presidential Oath is in direct conflict with Romney’s sacred oath to his Mormon Church – a blood oath which puts Romney’s life, fortune and obedience at the unrestricted service of his Church. This obedience is defined by the Church’s Living Prophet, the President of the Mormon Church and – as they believe – the literal Voice of God on earth.

(The email had weird machine language characters where the em dashes appear above but it cut and pastes fine. Likely a Mormon plot directed by the angel Maroni.)

These people are clearly buffoons. They continue to direct me to a website,, that does not exist. Their press release says the book is available at Amazon but they don’t provide a direct link. Nor does a search for the author or title reveal any results. Perhaps Hinckley and his evil minions are behind these plots?

I’m glad I decided not to walk the four blocks from my office over to the National Press Building for this one. Methinks I’ll pass on the book as well.

Ironically, however, I’m still not voting for Romney.

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James Joyner
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  1. Jeremy says:

    This is a ridiculous book and article. I am LDS/Mormon and have never taken a blood oath. Furthermore, we sustain Hinckley as a prophet, we don’t swear an oath to him. And again, for the last time – God has no conflict with the constitution of the US as he inspired the document. There would be no revelation to the contrary. If Michael Moody was a Mormon then he must not have never attended church, studied our doctrine, or learned how to read and distinguish his right hand from his left. Praise goes out to the Evangelicals who buy into it and prove that evolution truly doesn’t exist (as your brain would have evolved by now).

  2. supernovia says:

    The domain exists and points to a real host. As a real host myself though, I’d be willing to bet they were shut down for spamming.

    The premise of this idea that Romney’s going to have fame and fortune taken away by the LDS church if he doesn’t let Gordon B Hinckley pull the puppet strings, is completely ridiculous. Look at him, a former member, making an outrageous book, and no mormon mafia’s after Mr Moody.

    Nothing Mitt’s done in the past, at the Olympics, in business, or as governor, was ordered by the LDS church. People who bring up this as a concern are either badly informed, or bad informers.

  3. Diane C. Russell says:

    Does anyone know if the book addresses Harry Reid? I don’t quite understand why it is bad to consider a Mormon for President, but just dandy to have one running the Senate.

  4. Tlaloc says:

    Does anyone know if the book addresses Harry Reid? I don’t quite understand why it is bad to consider a Mormon for President, but just dandy to have one running the Senate.

    Reid’s a democrat. The anti-mormon bigotry is pretty much all from the protestant fundies, who aren’t, you know, typical democratic constituents.

  5. Emmaline says:

    Some people leave the Church but just cannot leave it alone.

  6. Daryl Toor says:

    Yes, the book addresses Harry Reid and now at
    and Amazon later this week.

  7. Jim Henley says:

    Don’t Mormons believe that Satan and James Joyner are brothers?

  8. Christopher says:

    Hey, Tlaloc, how was that Star Trek convention last week? I don’t hate Reid because he is a mormon, I hate him because he is a huge democrat idiot liberal! (sorry, I’m being redundantly redundant).

    James, those “dozen reporters and four photographers” may have had nothing better to do, but apparently you have nothing better to write about.

  9. James Joyner says:

    apparently you have nothing better to write about

    Just a follow-up to a story I found amusing.

  10. Craig Barron says:

    Say, Daryl, does your complete lack of morals and your incredible personal failure ever make you want to, I dunno, kill yourself?

  11. Kent says:

    Exactly as I predicted when you first blogged about this story, James. Except the connection to the Huckabee campaign is not yet solidly established, Just the fact that Huckabee’s campaign clearly had inside information on this.

    It doesn’t sound like the the contents of the book need any serious debunking here, so I’ll forebear.

  12. supernovia says:

    Looks like they had to change web hosts. Hopefully their new host gives them the boot they deserve too.