New gadget turns off TVs

TV Zapper (Ananova)

The keychain fob works like a universal remote control but one that only turns TVs on or off.

With a zap of a button, the gizmo goes through a string of about 200 infrared codes that controls the power of about 1,000 television models.

“There’s just so little time in all of our lives,” Altman said. “Why should we spend so much time on something we don’t necessarily enjoy?”

Why should we spend time on something we don’t enjoy, or on something someone else is enjoying? I wonder if more will be sold to men or women.
I’m still waiting for cellphone jammer’s to be legal, and I want one that reaches from my car to the one in front of me on the freeway.

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  1. political says:

    Please don’t tell my wife about this gadget. đŸ˜‰