New State Polls

Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire:

* Wisconsin: Bush 53, Kerry 43 (ABC News)
* Oregon: Bush 48, Kerry 47 (Survey USA)
* Washington: Kerry 51, Bush 46 (Survey USA)
* Washington: Kerry 52, Bush 38 (Elway Poll)
* Texas: Bush 58, Kerry 37 (Survey USA)
* South Carolina: Bush 58, Kerry 38 (Survey USA)
* Nevada: Bush 52, Kerry 43 (Gallup)
* West Virginia: Bush 51, Kerry 45 (Gallup)
* California: Kerry 55, Bush 40 (Los Angeles Times)
* Florida: Bush 49, Kerry 41 (Quinnipiac)
* Iowa: Bush 47, Kerry 45 (Research 2000)
* Wisconsin: Bush 52, Kerry 38 (Badger Poll)

Check his post for the links to each individual poll.

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  1. Unfortunately, the Wisconsin numbers aren’t as good as the Badger Poll says.

  2. Jerry says:

    In the democrat stronghold of MD, the race is tied 48-48.