New York Times Investigates Adoption Records of John Roberts Children

Well it looks like the New York Times is taking its cues from the Daily Kos. Drudge is reporting that the New York Times is investigating the adoption records of John Roberts. I have to pause and wonder…did the New York Times do any investigation into Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg children? Or what about Justice Stephen G. Breyer? If this really is “routine” as the New York Times suggests then the answer must be yes. Does anybody know if this was the case? If the answer is no, I can’t help but think that politics is playing a role here.

Update: Hugh Hewitt has a pretty big roundup on this. So far the general reaction has been: It is a sleazy tactic. It is pretty dirty going after the guys kids.

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  1. wavemaker says:

    This is contemptible. Whether or not they did it to anyone else (I’m betting they didn’t), it’s contemptible.

  2. dougrc says:

    Politics, huh? Do ya’ think?

  3. McGehee says:

    Ya never know what might turn up. Maybe he bought the kids from an unregulated baby mill or — or — or maybe they’re really not adopted after all, but he and his wife tell them they’re adopted as a form of mental cruelty.

    You can never tell unless you investigate!

    [/New York Times]

  4. paladin says:

    All this time, I thought liberals and the liberal press held the “right to privacy” as sacred. I guess it doesn’t apply to conservatives or children. If the NYTimes-Democrat goes ahead with this, I predict the Mother Of All Backlashes, against the Times and against Democrats.

  5. Anderson says:

    Unless he received the kids from Osama bin Laden in return for pledge of undying loyalty, I can’t see the point. No one’s alleged that yet, have they?

  6. ozzippit says:

    Just when you think the MSM can’t sink any lower, they find ways to do exactly that! Shades of checking out what movies Justice Thomas rented. Eeeuuuuwww.

  7. dalin says:
  8. dalin says:
  9. Anderson says:

    Thomas’s movies were actually quasi-relevant, given the allegations that he alluded to porn flicks at work.