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You’ll notice that I have [RSS] after the link for recent stories from the New York Times that I’m commenting on. This is a link to, oddly enough, the Real Simple Syndication feed version of the story which, while visually quite similar, has the distinct advantage (theoretically at least) of not disappearing into their archives after a few days.

Last November, Kevin Drum posted information on how to find this link. A couple of weeks ago, however, the link ceased to work. I’ve now found another way to get it–which turns out to be much simpler than the old one: The New York Times Link Generator. You can either input the URL of any NYT story and get the link or create a bookmarklet that will do it for you with a simple right click. It’s quite handy.

In divergence from past practice, I’m using the “regular” NYT link and then placing the RSS version behind it in brackets. The development of several aggregation services such as memeorandum makes it useful to have the “regular” link up while a story is still hot, as it enables others to see who is commenting on it.

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  1. Kevin Drum says:

    Tsk, tsk, James, I wrote about this in February. Don’t tell me that you don’t hang on my every word?

    Being the big man that I am, however, I don’t mind. I just wish more people would do this so that their archives don’t rot away.

    I also wish the LA Times would come up with something like this.

    And I wish the Wall Street Journal didn’t put everything behind a subscription wall to begin with.

    So many things to wish for….