Newt Gingrich’s Ringtone: Dancing Queen

This is amusing:

Ames, Ia. – Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich briefly stopped a campaign event here to shut off his phone as his ringtone sounded ABBA’s “Dancing Queen.”

The song is from the musical “Mamma Mia.”  Gingrich said later that he is a big fan of the movie version, starring Meryl Streep, and that his wife, Callista, warned him that the ringtone was going to get him in trouble.

“It’s just fun,” Gingrich said.

He continued:  “I love that sequence. The energy. The excitement.”

Gingrich said he has two ringtones with “Dancing Queen” as the general tone. Callista has her own special ringtone, but Gingrich declined to say what that ringtone is.

Newt, this one’s for you:

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  1. sam says:

    Makes perfect sense. I read a review of Mamma Mia a while back, and the reviewer said of ABBA songs that they were sung in a language with an uncanny resemblance to English.

  2. Tano says:

    that’s so Takei…

  3. Southern Hoosier says:

    Are you sure its not Barney Frank – “Banking Queen” by Paul Shanklin?