Newt Hearts CNN

I noted this earlier in the week, but failed to blog it.

Via Yahoo:  Newt Gingrich: ‘CNN is Less Biased Than Fox’

In what some might consider an act of GOP political suicide, Newt Gingrich slammed Fox News earlier this week, saying that the cable news channel has favored Mitt Romney throughout the 2012 Republican raceand that CNN has been the more "fair-and-balanced" network this cycle.

"I think Fox has been for Romney all the way through," Gingrich said during a meeting with tea party leaders in Delaware on Wednesday,according, which said it was granted access to the private event. "In our experience, Callista and I both believe CNN is less biased than Fox this year. We are more likely to get neutral coverage out of CNN than we are of Fox, and we’re more likely to get distortion out of Fox. That’s just a fact."

I tend to agree with the man’s assessment.  However, I expect rather than a dispassionate evaluation this is just more of what has been Newt’s trail of resentments throughout this primary season.

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  1. Tsar Nicholas II says:

    There were two parts of that story which jumped out at me.

    First was the reference to Newt meeting with “tea party leaders in Delaware,” which basically is analogous to Bob Barr and Gary Johnson meeting with Libertarian Party leaders in Guam.

    Second was Newt’s reference to “Callista and I.” Have you noticed that Newt says that all the time? Pretty much regardless of the context? When “Callista and I started this campaign,” or when “Callista and I speak to voters….” Conclusion: that Stepford, er, I mean that woman has Newt’s balls in such a vice grip it would take the jaws of life to extricate them.

  2. Tsar Nicholas II says:

    Oops, grammar alert. “vise grip,” that is. Self-parody for the Tsar.

  3. Tillman says:

    Hmm. Let’s see if Newt Gingrich becomes a paid analyst on CNN after some months.

  4. merl says:

    @Tsar Nicholas II: She’s like his puppet master or something. I guess she knows that had better keep a close eye on him.