Nightcap Syndication Launch

Tim Worstall has announced a couple of nifty blog-related projects.

Scoopt is a syndication agency. They already handle photos and are now branching out into blog posts. If someone should want to republish your blog post they will handle the negotiations, rights and collect the money.


Nightcap Syndication is something a little different. We’re still not quite sure how to describe it quickly. It’s an opportunity for you to cross post pieces. As we’re working closely with Scoopt we expect there to be a significant industry readership so you get to strut your stuff in front of those who actually pay for words.

Much more at the links. I was involved with Worstall and several others in trying to hash this thing out but this is mostly his baby. Neither he nor the rest of us think we have it figured out yet but he’s ready to get it rolling.

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