NO GLOOMY TOM: Reuters: Franks Sweeps Aside Talk of Gloom

Franks described the resistance put up by Iraqi troops as “sporadic,” echoing British Defense Minister Geoff Hoon who dismissed it as “patchy,” and said his forces had made rapid — in some cases dramatic — progress.

His briefing at Central Command headquarters in Qatar came a few hours after a defiant speech from Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, who hailed his troops’ tough stand against a five-day-old U.S. and British onslaught to get rid of him.

Lower-ranking officers had been due to address the media, but Franks took their place at the last minute amid reports that a U.S. Apache Longbow helicopter had been shot down south of Baghdad.

Good. It’s time to nip the gloom in the bud. The war has been on only a few days, we have lost very few troops in combat, and the campaign is by all means a success so far.

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James Joyner
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