MSNBC profiles a fellow who didn’t win the Nobel Prize and is angry about it:

But unlike most Nobel also-rans, Damadian is not giving up so easily. Yesterday his MRI manufacturing company on Long Island, Fonar Corp., took out a full-page ad in The Washington Post headlined “The Shameful Wrong That Must Be Righted.”

It quoted scientists saying he was robbed. It quoted textbooks attesting to his contribution to the now ubiquitous technology — 60 million MRI exams were given last year — that employs high-powered magnets and radio waves to produce images of soft tissue inside the body that once was invisible to doctors unless they cut open the patient.

The ad charged that “inexcusable disregard for the truth has led the [Nobel] committee to make a decision that is simply outrageous,” and it provided a clip-out form for supporters to mail protests directly to the Nobel arbiters in Stockholm.

Such ads in the Post typically cost just over $80,000, and Damadian said he will place more in other newspapers.


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