New York Post reports:

The Rev. Al Sharpton is having his 2001 Ford Explorer repossessed – if the repo man can find it. According to papers uncovered by “Celebrity Justice,” Ford Motor Credit Co. filed suit Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court after Sharpton stopped paying $1,127.95 a month in November and then bounced a check for $3,600 in February. A spokeswoman for the presidential candidate said he was unaware of the matter: “Rev. Sharpton personally does not drive, nor does he have a driver’s license.” Sharpton’s lawyer, Michael Hardy, is investigating.

This may be a first for a presidential candidate.

Plus, he must have one lousy credit history if he’s got a $1,127.95 monthly payment on a Ford Explorer! Or he got ALL the options.

>NY Post

(Hat tip: Boycott Hollywood)

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  1. Paul says:

    “George Bush- I got your Weapon of Mass Destruction RIGHT HERE!”

    OOOOOPS Sorry- I thought this was a caption contest.


  2. frank says:

    No license? Must have had it disenfranchised.

    …and very funny Paul. You win!!

  3. James Joyner says:

    I considered making this a caption contest, but didn’t want another slew of penis jokes coming in. 😉

  4. And what, pray tell, is wrong with penis jokes?

    “This donkey’s pizzle is the snit’s pazizzle”, exclaimed Reverend Al at the annual Tawana Brawley Memorial Democratic Campaign Fundraiser.