Daily Kos reports the results of the latest CNN nationwide poll on the Democratic contenders:

Lots of treading water within the margin of error, with Kerry slightly up, Lieberman slightly down, and Gephardt down quite a bit (but barely within the MOE). (June numbers in parenthesis):

    Not sure: 21 (23)
    Kerry: 16 (14)
    Lieberman: 13 (16)
    Dean: 11 (10)
    Other: 9 (3)
    Gephardt: 7 (12)
    Edwards: 7 (6)
    Sharpton: 5 (5)
    Graham: 4 (4)
    Braun: 4 (4)
    Kucinich: 3 (3)

“Other” went from three to nine, which can only mean one thing.


I also find it interesting that Dean is running third in the nationwide poll give all the buzz around him. I’m a bit skeptical that there’s a Clark groundswell evident in this poll; I think “other” much more likely means “SOMEBODY, ANYBODY, other than these guys.” Which, by the way, isn’t particularly unusual at this stage of the game. Nobody seems particularly presidential fourteen months out.

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James Joyner
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  1. joy says:

    heh. I’m not surprised about this.

    It’s funny to note that during my vacation, when I drove on some of the busiest roads on the east coast, I never did see a bumpersticker promoting any democratic contender. (The only exception to this were the two Dean stickers I saw in Vermont near Dean campaign HQ).

    However, I did see tons of American flag stickers and those unremitting car window flag.

  2. Paul says:

    According to the media, Dean is the front-runner and Kerry is getting nailed by him.

    You have to wonder if it is news or wishfull thinking.