I’m not the only one puzzled by the low-key media treatment of the Wilson/Plame story: Steven Taylor notes than not even NPR is paying it much attention. Owing to waking up before 5 AM for no particular reason, I listened to the entire Morning Edition program today and also don’t recall it being mentioned.

Steven also notes that WaPo has two follow-ups today. As I noted in the comments section of a previous post, WaPo got onto the “big time media” map with Watergate by doing exactly this: Flogging a scandal that everyone else was largely ignoring. I don’t yet know whether this is the biggest presidential scandal since Watergate or merely a case of the paper that broke the story furiously trying to make more of it than meets the eye.

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  1. FWIW, Fox News discussed it each hour this morning, at one point in some depth with Dick Thornberg, who was on to promote the release of a new book. I didn’t see much of any news this weekend (on the road — yuck) but there were several mentions on Friday, and extensive coverage when the story first broke.

  2. JohnC says:

    Yea, I don’t think I would count on it fading. Too much blood in the water. I really doubt the CIA would bring this forward if they weren’t committed to going the distance.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Story is too involved and confusing and we have a lot of claims but few facts (opinion journal has a good summary without taking sides).

    Since this is hard to sum up in a few sound bites, it will be very hard to make into a big story.

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