Now See Joe Miller, Was That So Hard?

After spending more than a week refusing to answer questions about his previous employment by a small town in Alaska, Senate Candidate Joe Miller has admitted that he was reprimanded for violating the boroughs ethics code:

Alaska Republican Joe Miller admitted Sunday he was reprimanded for ethics violations while employed as a part-time attorney with the local Fairbanks government.

Miller, who is in a tough race for the Senate, said during a Sunday evening debate that he was suspended for three days for participating in a private poll during his lunch break, according to the Associated Press.

Miller’s time at the Fairbanks North Star Borough has become a key issue in the race, and several Alaska publications have sued to unseal the employment records from his time there. A local judge ruled Saturday that almost all of those records need to be released on Tuesday afternoon. Miller still has the option to appeal to the state Supreme Court, but his spokesman said Sunday night that he had not yet decided whether to do so.


According to Whitaker’s account and other local reports, Miller used the borough’s computers for political work, including his unsuccessful effort to unseat state Republican Party Chairman Randy Ruedrich in 2008.

Miller told CNN last week that he was disciplined for politicking at the official government office, but brushed off the incident, saying, “The event in question is something that happened during my time off … So, it was during my lunch hour.” Miller also said that the incident had nothing to do with why he eventually left that job.

What I don’t understand is why he couldn’t have just come clean on this a week ago, rather than spending that time stonewalling, handcuffing journalists trying to ask questions, and giving his opponent(s) something to bash him with. Politicians do it all the time, and it rarely ends well for them.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. John P says:

    Given the breakthrough I think all political debates should take place around a collapsible card table that my or may not have been recently used in a beer pong game. Red solo cups option…unless there is a keg.

  2. Zelsdorf Ragshaft III says:

    Doug, why is it all we ever see from you is articles which seem to question Republican candidates? I understand your claim to be a libertarian. I guess your idea of liberty is best exemplified by the Democrats who, IMO, remove choice and liberty as they have been doing so at a fabulous rate. Why no stories about Boxer, or Brown or Coons or Sestak? Are they your idea of perfect candidates and therefore are not in need of scrutiny? I think you are a closet liberal progressive and the closet door is wide open. Sort of like your stance.

  3. Bernieyeball says:

    Has this lummox addressed the actions of his rent-a-cops?
    What does he propose to do if elected and some scoop artist asks him why he voted one way or another as US Senator.
    He will then be the government won’t he?

  4. tom p says:

    “What I don’t understand is why he couldn’t have just come clean on this a week ago,”

    Plain and simply because he is a political neophyte and unable to differentiate the explosive from the mundane.