NYC Chief Crane Inspector Arrested

New York City’s chief crane inspector has been arrested and charged with multiple charges of bribery in the wake of two fatal crane accidents in recent months.

Crane Inspector Arrested Photo Robert Stolarik for The New York Times James Delayo, acting chief inspector for the Cranes and Derricks Unit, leaving court in Manhattan on Friday.

The city’s chief crane inspector was arrested on Friday and charged with taking bribes to allow cranes to pass inspection, the authorities said. He was also accused of taking money from a crane company that sought to ensure that its employees would pass the required licensing exam.

The man, James Delayo, 60, the acting chief inspector for the Cranes and Derricks Unit at the city’s Department of Buildings, oversaw the issuing of city licenses for crane operators. The case against him, announced by the Manhattan district attorney’s office and the city’s Department of Investigation, was filed just a week after the city’s second fatal crane collapse in less than three months.

Officials said the accusations against Mr. Delayo bore no direct relation to the accident last week at 91st Street and First Avenue, where two workers died, or the crane accident on East 51st Street that left seven dead in March. But the case was another blemish on a Buildings Department that has been reeling from construction deaths and inspection lapses this year, and for which deadly crane accidents are part of a lingering series of problems.

Delayo is charged with issuing licenses to people who did not take required exams in exchange for small bribes and selling copies of licensing exams to crane companies for $3000.

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  1. davod says:

    When will his politician protector surface?

  2. Bithead says:

    So, if this guy had nothing to do with the failures, why is he being held up as such a player, in this?