Obama Twitters On The Internets

During yesterday’s summit meeting with Russian President Medvedev, President Obama commented on the fact that both he and the Russian President now had Twitter accounts:

This one is sure to be a hit on the Youtubes. In fact, it may be the most important development in presidential web culture since George W. Bush discovered the Internets.

President Obama praised his tech-savvy Russian counterpart at Thursday’s White House news conference, saying that during Medvedev’s “visit to Silicon Valley this week, he visited the headquarters of Twitters[sic], where he opened his own account. I have one as well, so we may be able to finally throw away those ‘red phones’ that have been sitting around for so long.”

Twitters? This sounded like either a nervous condition or a cross between Twitter and Hooters.


Heh. This one is right up there with with George Bush’s “Internets,” and “The Google.”

But, when it comes to politicians trying to explain technology, nothing can ever beat Ted Stevens and the “series of tubes” speech:

Incidentally, you can follow Dimitry Medvedev’s English or Russian Twitter Feeds if you so desire. So far, Medevev is following The White House, Barack Obama, and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

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  1. Yes, I can just imagine the climactic exchanges between Presidents a la The Sum of All Fears (the book, mind you) over Twitter…until the fail whale shows up.