Obama White, Hispanic Approval Plummets

President Obama's approval ratings are at an all-time low. Only 33% of whites and 48% of Hispanics approve. He's still at 84% among blacks.

The latest Gallup poll finds that, “President Barack Obama earned the lowest monthly job approval rating of his presidency to date in August, with 41% of U.S. adults approving of his overall job performance, down from 44% in July. He also received term-low monthly job approval ratings from both Hispanics (48%) and whites (33%) and tied his lowest rating from blacks (84%).”

The trendline is stark:

He started out with 58% approval among whites; he’s now at 33%. His incredible 75% approval among Hispanics has dwindled to 48%. Ironically, though, his approval ratings are still through the roof among blacks, who are bearing the brunt of the recession and loss of jobs.

The problem with looking at these numbers, though, is that they’re looking at a single variable. It would be more useful if we could see how the trend looks when factoring in at such things as party identification, income, and education level.

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James Joyner
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  1. Tsar Nicholas II says:

    The saddest figure here is the 84% approval rating among blacks. We’ve lost nearly an entire demographic group to identity-based politics.

  2. Truth says:

    How is this identity-based politics? Do you realize that over 90% of blacks have always supported Democrats no matter who it is. All of a sudden it’s a problem because President Obama is black. The sad thing is that after all these years Republicans can’t seem to eliminate the racist element within their party which is not very attractive to blacks despite the fact that most blacks have very conservative views. Republicans need to take a lesson from the Democrats and learn to hide their racists views. There are plenty of white racist democrats. They just hide it better.